Brent, Grant, Emma and Luke Gunther at the Puyallup, WA show! 

Effective: Designed with quilters and sewers in mind. The LED's are the best quality light available. You get true sunlight white vertical light to illuminate your entire work area and needle. This eliminates the need of moving a gooseneck around to get the light where you need it.

The Family Team, Mike and his kids after a big day at one of the Puyallup, WA shows we attended.

"When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

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At Mike Gunther Industries, Inc we're happy to offer any custom LED strip that you might need for your sewing machine, RV, trailer, kitchen cabinet, or any lighting needs.  Feel free to contact us with any question or request you might have.

Flexible: Wafer thin LED strip mounts under the throat of your sewing machine with 3M adhesive. 3 LED's up to 15 LED's depending on your machine's size are available. No bendable parts to move around or get in your way. Power cord attaches to the back of your machine with 3M backed adhesive cable tie holders.

Energy Efficient:​ Less than 1.3 watts of power,  That's up to 98% power savings. Life expectancy up to 20,000 hours! Has 3 foot power cord with detachable pigtail. Plugs into 110 volt outlet the same as a Sewing Machine.

Portable: Unplug the power cord to the LED light and your machine is ready for to travel. No removal of the LED light strip required.


...the story of these LED lights started one day when my bookkeeper Linda, commented on this incredible LED light tape that our company was providing for custom cabinets and for commercial businesses. Linda said, "could you put that on my sewing machine? I have tried lots of lighting options and none of them work very well." And from that point on we started building hundreds and hundreds of these lighting kits so that others could finally see. 
One specific note about this color temperature of these lights, is that they are right around the 3000 K color scale which means they look a lot more like sunlight and less like fluorescent lights.
They also work incredible in RV, Trailers and Vehicles. We make custom sizes up to 16.4 feet long.

We have sold thousands of kits at our northern shows and website!

Why it Works so well on Sewing Machines:

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Luke, our youngest and best looking salesman says you need to check out our amazing product! You don't know what you have been missing!